A Familiar Smell

Work has begun on the groundwork for the installation of a new planter in the courtyard of the Central Lodge.

Upon entering the building site last week, however, we were greeted with an unexpected smell more familiar to a walk on the Redcar headlands.


Groundwork for new planter for the college.

Digging had revealed that much of the earth beneath the tarmac was made up of slag, that famous by-product of the iron industry. Was this a foundation selected by Bolckow himself, or something brought here by the Council when they were laying the car park for their offices here?


Pile of material, including slag dug up from underneath the tarmacked area in the courtyard.

You can read so much about Bolckow’s exploits in the iron industry while remaining quite detached, all the way out here in suburban Marton. It brings it all home a little when you are instantly transported to the heartlands of that industry simply by a smell.

How apt indeed a smell to encounter, while standing amongst buildings once owned by one of the most eminent men associated with our local iron and steel industry.

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