A Fish Called Wanda

I was weeding a quiet corner of the walled garden and couldn’t help but be captivated by the intense activity of bees feverishly collecting their pollen, a race against time and season to create enough sustenance to eek over the winter. Next to this scene with a sense of quiet and stillness is a marker in a place to mark the resting place of Wanda, a fish cared for by Francine, originally bought by Nicky, friend and colleague. Now sadly Wanda has “journeyed over the big rainbow”.


Wanda’s Resting Place

The gathering was small for Wanda, but too many times this month we have gathered and stood together in memory of the victims of the past months, trying not to think the unthinkable of the horrors committed. Few times we lift our heads from our toils, sending emails, meeting targets, form filling and the rush of everyday life. To pause and think and just appreciate what we have is invaluable to make us realise that freedoms we take for granted, but should value the most.

This month for me is a big month in the garden. It is a month of preparation for the Cleveland Show, when we will create our pop up garden with a wartime theme. It will depict what the average person would be encouraged to do to help with the war effort and to “dig for victory”.


The Victorian Walled Garden

In this task I am no longer alone. I have been joined by a group of students, gaining on the job experience to complete their studies and I will admit that they do add life and energy, keeping me on my toes. Many hands make light work, lighten the load, and remind me what we do at the college – many thanks young people!

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