Food For Thought

Within the animal keeping world you are going to come into contact with a variety of unique species, all of which have different dietary requirements. For an animal keeper it is paramount that you get it right. This is to ensure that the animal can get the energy and materials it needs for its life sustaining activities, which include maintenance/growth, reproduction, milk production, work and/or production.

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Standing in the Keepers’ Shoes

Hello to all, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Tom Richardson and I am employed as one of the animal keepers at Askham Bryan College, currently manning the fort here at Stewarts Park. I have been with the college for quite a number of years now, both as a student and as an employee. There have been quite a lot of questions regarding how one develops into this kind of job and what made you get into animal management and zoology. So I thought I would briefly share how I became intrigued by it all and the steps that led me to the role I’m in now, as well as future opportunities.Goat Farm Animal Stewart Park Middlesbrough Teesside Zoology

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