March Hares

Spring is here at Stewart Park! A little bit of sun is all I need to make me feel that the long days of winter and behind us, well, we can live in hope!

Spring always makes me want to look forward and I long to visit every garden centre in the known universe. You see, I am totally addicted to buying seeds, I make any excuse to abandon the family and go to do a little seed shopping, or as I like to call it “research”. The brightly coloured packets make promises of Horticultural Heaven that I quite simply can not resist. After all these years of growing bedding in their thousands I am still amazed that these tiny specks of insignificant dust, that come out of these packets, when given light, water and warmth, wonderful plants emerge like household items from Mary Poppins carpet bag. Nature is truly amazing.

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Star of the Garden – February

Senecio greyii ‘Sunshine’  (Brachyglottis)

I couldn’t resist putting this plant in.  I think this shrub is great.  It gives lovely soft, evergreen structure to the winter garden, some people say it is common, true. It is used a lot, but that is only because it is a V.F.M. plant (value for Money) plant. It is easy to grow, nuclear proof and looks great too with pretty yellow flowers that bees like in summer.  Every spring we cut this back to contain it or it will collapse over the paths by mid summer.  It also keeps the foliage young and fresh.  I caught this last month after it had been visited by Jack Frost.

In the Walled Garden, Where a Spade is a Spade.

Hi, I feel I should introduce myself.  I’m Chris Brown and work in Stewart PArk for Askham Bryan College as a Horticultural Technician.  I was based at the Guisborough Centre for a long, long time, but I have been given “time out” for good behaviour and have moved to Stewart Park.  Guess what – I absolutely love it.  I have the pleasure of working with loads of fantastic people in such a wonderful, big, beautiful park. I’m here waiting for more staff to bring students in September when the renovation to the Central Lodge will be complete.  I can’t wait!

I mainly look after the walled gardens and courtyard areas, but can’t help escaping every now and again – mainly led by the Friends Of Stewart Park – to visit the park as a whole, and as I said before, it is wonderful.

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