Exploring Stewart Park

I feel so lucky every day that I get to do a job that I love. But to make things even better, I get to do it in this beautiful park. My office window looks out onto one of my favourite parts of Stewart Park, the Victorian Walled Garden. When my eyes wander from my screen I often enjoy people watching; couples will wander around and sit on the bench and families will explore the many different plants. I love to set off with the camera and take pictures of all of the wonderful features of the park, and make sure to share these on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sash Window View Victorian Walled Garden Stewart Park Middlesbrough

The view from my office window

Last week I accompanied my sister and her dog Jet on a walk around the park. We might not have managed the full 100+ acres that Stewart Park boasts, but Jet was certainly tired by the end! The park is a great place to tire a dog out and we met many others along the way.

Jet Dog Labrador Animals Stewart Park Middlesbrough

Jet enjoying the park

We stopped for gelato at Cook’s Café, located inside the Captain Cook’s Birthplace Museum. We’re lucky to have not one but two delicious cafes in the park, the other being Henry’s Café. I’ll definitely be returning for more gelato sooner rather than later…

Gelato View Scenery Captain Cook Cafe Stewart Park Middlesbrough

Gelato with a view

It’s easy to focus on the renovation of the Central Lodge and forget about the rest of the park, but in reality we have rich heritage throughout the entirety of the land. I wandered down to Bolckow’s folly and the stone loggia, sadly the only remnant of Marton Hall.

Bolckow Garden Folly Temple Stewart Park Middlesbrough

The Garden Temple, otherwise known as a ‘folly’

Bolckow Victorian Stone Loggia Stewart Park Middlesbrough

The stone loggia is the only remnant of Marton Hall

In both places the tiling is fantastic and makes you appreciate just how extravagant the rest of the Hall must have been. I wish that I could have seen the Hall in all its glory, but seeing the Central Lodge is still a fantastic experience.

Bolckow Victorian Tile Temple Folly Stewart Park Middlesbrough

The tiling on the floor of the folly

Stewart Park has so much to offer, so why not pay it a visit this weekend?

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