Hard Hat Tours at the Central Lodge

4It’s hard to believe that our hard hat tours are over! They’ve been a huge part of my week since I started working for Askham Bryan College, taking place every Friday afternoon. The Central Lodge renovation is so close to completion, which means that getting access onto the site is tricky. As such, our hard hat tours have officially came to an end and so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on them.


Did you know that we have put on 36 hard hat tours, bringing in a staggering 245 visitors to the Central Lodge? We’re all so thrilled that so many members of the public took an interest in our project and let us talk their ears off about this special building!

We saw a great variety in age range, with the most popular visitors being in the 55-64 and 65-74 bracket. 66% of visitors knew about the Central Lodge before their visited, but only 31% had visited previously. However we were so pleased to hear that 96% planned to return!


Vincent painting a picture for the hard hat tour visitors

We really wanted to make our tours special for every visitor, and asked for any comments at the end. I’ve chose some of my favourites to share with you all below.


We’ve loved reading the comments left by visitors

If you missed out on attending a hard hat tour, don’t worry! We’re hard at work creating the interpretation boards for the Central Lodge ready for our history tours. These will take place on some weekends and half terms throughout the year and will show an overview of the history of the buildings, as well as the stages of the renovation. For more information on these tours please email CentralLodge@askham-bryan.ac.uk or call 01642 304900.


We’re working hard on the interpretation boards!

Thank you to everybody who attended a hard hat tour, and we hope to see lots of our lovely blog readers on a history tour in the near future!


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