Welcome to the Visitor’s Centre!

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dawn I am the Admin Officer for Askham Bryan College. I work in the Visitor’s Centre in Stewart Park, where I get to welcome our visitors every day.

Dawn Admin Officer Receptionist Askham Bryan College Stewart Park Middlesbrough

I have worked in Stewart Park for fourteen years now and I am lucky enough to love my job. I work with lots of nice people who make coming to work a pleasure – and obviously the surroundings that I work in make it even better – with one hundred and fifty acres of nature, you’re never short of a lovely view!

When I started at Stewart Park I was working in the Central Lodge, the building which is currently under renovated. I am so excited to see the changes that Askham Bryan College are making to it, and love seeing the original features of the building being uncovered. I also love to hear about the items and graffiti they have come across while renovating the old building, as I love the history of the park. I didn’t realise just how much history Stewart Park holds – it is so interesting to discover.

My favourite part of the park has to be the Victorian Walled Garden which our Horticulture Technician Chris looks after so well. I love to go here on my lunch break and eat my lunch in the lovely surroundings.

I particularly like working during special events, such as the Farmers’ Market which takes place on the last Sunday of every month. We also frequently hold Craft Fairs and both events get extremely busy, meaning that I am able to meet more people and make friends with both the visitors and the hosts of the stalls.

Farmers Market Stewart Park Middlesbrough Cakes Bread Baking

(Photo Credit: http://www.lovemiddlesbrough.com)

I hope that this has given you a little insight into my role and why I love the park so much. I will be posting more in the future to share more of the Visitor’s Centre with you, so don’t forget to subscribe.

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