Spring has Sprung at Stewart Park

It seems at this time of year with the clocks going forward that bright light, sporadic warmth and a sprinkling of rain is all you need to get things moving in the garden.

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Spring is when everything happens or awakens in the garden and overnight we can resume the war on weeds, grass and pests. It is a perennial problem, subjects that never fail to pop up on the Friday night favourite – Gardeners’ World. I remember the programme always being on in the background as a child. I can recall Percy Thrower visiting the Blue Peter garden, then Geoff Hamilton at Barnsdale. I lost my way a little during the Titchmarsh years, but have a newfound interest with Monty, Nigel and Nel.

I’m sure there must have been more presenters in between, but these are the ones I can recall most vividly. Obviously seasonal in its subjects, I can keep a check and make sure I am in line with what The Don’s up to. Strangely enough, I have been thinking of growing potatoes in bags for the Cleveland Show and guess what? Monty read my mind and pointed me in the right direction. I think that I will grow Charlotte potatoes in mine when I get enough compost mixed.

Pricking out is of course number on the jobs’ list. I love to have a busy morning with the radio for company in the potting shed – before I know it the greenhouse is full, I’m out of compost and it’s lunch time. I’m trying to discipline myself into doing repeat sowings and not all at once as it’s easier on the pricking out and you get a staggered crop. Last year I collected seeds from my garden such as Foxgloves, Pot Marigolds, Mullein and Cosmos. They are steady away and my recycling need is fulfilled by getting plants for free. Gardeners share this need to swap and share, and it’s great to see people sharing this common ground. It reminds me of a group of adults who came together at the park for an afternoon, sharing an interest, sharing plants and forging friendships forever – the ultimate cultivation.

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