Food For Thought

Within the animal keeping world you are going to come into contact with a variety of unique species, all of which have different dietary requirements. For an animal keeper it is paramount that you get it right. This is to ensure that the animal can get the energy and materials it needs for its life sustaining activities, which include maintenance/growth, reproduction, milk production, work and/or production.

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A Fish Called Wanda

I was weeding a quiet corner of the walled garden and couldn’t help but be captivated by the intense activity of bees feverishly collecting their pollen, a race against time and season to create enough sustenance to eek over the winter. Next to this scene with a sense of quiet and stillness is a marker in a place to mark the resting place of Wanda, a fish cared for by Francine, originally bought by Nicky, friend and colleague. Now sadly Wanda has “journeyed over the big rainbow”.


Wanda’s Resting Place

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