Where The Wild Things Are

It’s been a hectic old time this summer in the walled gardens with it being the school holidays. All visitors use the area in their own ways and for their own ends. Some families just pass straight through on their way from the café to the playgrounds; others meet friends for coffee and cake – a great idea. However some linger longer, spending time looking at flowers and mini-beasts alike.


The Victorian Walled Garden at Stewart Park

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Star of the Garden – August

I just noticed today that this plant, the Veronica spicata, was in full bloom.


I didn’t know what to expect from this as I hadn’t come across it before – I got it as a free packet of seeds last year and millions came up. In the greenhouse they didn’t do well; they were straggly, covered in aphids, and honestly, lots went to the compost heap. But look at it now, it’s beautiful and also bee friendly – I counted sixteen on one plant. Just shows you, you never know…

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Star of the Garden – July

This month’s star of the garden is the lovely Delphinium known as the “Pacific Hybrid”. It looked so stunning that I just couldn’t resist capturing it.

Star Plant Flower Garden Horticulture Delphinium Pacific Hybrid Stewart Park Middlesbrough

These young plants were sown last autumn, potted, overwintered in the greenhouse and were finally put in their position this spring. I didn’t expect them to flower so well. Warm weather and then lots of recent rain played their part I think.

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Star of the Garden – June

For this month’s star of the garden I would like to nominate this foxglove, also known as digitalis purpurea.

Foxglove Digitalis Purpurea Victorian Garden Horticulture Stewart Park Middlesbrough

I remember seeing these as a child when my friend and I used to go beck jumping on a weekend at Sandy Flats near Saltersgill. I loved to watch the bees finding their way in and bumbling about inside. These plants, I’m proud to say, came from seed collected from a lovely foxy in my garden. Why not plant them this year to flower next year? They’re a great plant for cottage gardens and wildlife areas. Grow them for the bees as they need all the help they can get!

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